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IWATSU began in 1938 with the foundation of, Iwatsu Electric, in Tokyo, Japan. From its humble beginnings, Iwatsu Electric has grown to become a worldwide market leader with more than 1500 employees and manufacturing facilities located around the world. Through the years Iwatsu has been a significant contributor to the evolution of the voice applications that drive today's businesses. Millions of people and thousands of businesses worldwide depend on Iwatsu products to drive their business communications.

By manufacturing their own products, IWATSU is in the enviable position of maintaining total control over product quality. This begins at the initial design sessions and continues through the entire manufacturing process. IWATSU products are subjected to an extreme quality control regimen that is not taken  lightly. At a time in which 10% out-of-box failures are not uncommon for many competitors, IWATSU continues to achieve an out-of-box failure rate of .0007%. Equally important is the mean time before failure statistic: 99.999% uptime. The majority of the IWATSU components average a 30-year life expectancy—meaning products stay in service. These results can only be obtained through precision manufacturing. Offloading manufacturing responsibilities to thirdparty manufactures simply do not produce these results.

IWATSU takes sustainability very seriously, both in product design and in the manufacturing process. Product design takes an equally sustainable approach. All IWATSU products use a passive convection cooling design, which requires no moving fans. The results are profound. Fans require energy to dissipate heat, which itself is an inefficient use of energy. And when fans fail, they often take the components with them. Passive cooling allows us to design and manufacture components with extremely long lifecycles.

IWATSU reduces product obsolescence by engineering communications systems that do not go end-of-life. A customer who purchased an IWATSU system in the early 1990s can migrate to the latest IWATSU Enterprise Suite product and replace only 5% of their originally-purchased system. No other company in the industry can do the same. The result: components that remain in service and out of landfills.

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