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OmniSwitch 6350

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Data Center Switches

Low-latency, 10/40GbE multipath connectivity-ready switches let enterprises meet current needs while preparing for the future with no costly hardware change-outs.

OmniSwitch 10K
OmniSwitch 6900
OmniSwitch 6850E

Management Options
A complete line of management tools including: Network and communications elements, data center fabric management, IPAM and performance management.

Communications Management System
OmniVista 4760 Network Management System
OmniVista 8770 Network Management System

Data Network Management
OmniVista 2500 Network Management System
OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager
OmniVista 3600 Air Manager



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  • OmniAccess ESR Compact Routers
  • OmniAccess ESR Compact Routers are state-of-the-art Enterprise Access Routers. Enable your network with fast, uninterrupted nework communications.

  • OmniAccess ESR Modular Routers
  • OmniAccess ESR Modular Routers include an integrated application server to simplify communications infrastructure and business processes. Learn more.

  • OmniAccess ESR Rugged Routers
  • OmniAccess ESR Rugged Routers are industrial-grade routers. Ideal for vehicle connectivity, Smart Grid deployment, pipelines and remote environments.

  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points
  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points offer high-performance enterprise wireless mobility. Securely deploy on walls, cubicles, desktops and the ceiling.

  • OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switch
  • The OmniAccess WLAN Switch product family provides strong integrated security features. Designed for enterprise campus, building and branch


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