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Q: How do I change the time on my telephone display?

A: To adjust the clock settings on ECS & ADIX systems, perform the following steps; (from an attendant station only):

1) Press the Speaker button SPKR
2) Wait for the dial tone
3) Press the Feature button FEAT then dial 6 + 4
4) Dial the time in military time H H : M M
5) Wait for a confirmation tone
6) Press the Speaker button SPKR

Iwatsu Voice Networks provided an update to the ECS system with the release of version 2.10 to accommodate the New Daylight Savings Time dates. All software versions 2.10 and higher provide for the new time change. Please note that all ADIX Systems supported the Daylight Savings Time change based upon the prior standard. Therefore, the feature to enable daylight savings time should be set to disable in order to prevent these systems from changing the system time based upon the old Daylight Savings Time schedule.

Q: How do I change the time on our voicemail system?

A: Enterprise TOL and ADIX TOL Systems: Time changes in all Enterprise TOL and ADIX TOL systems are controlled by the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows provides for automated Daylight Savings Time changes based upon the time zone setting at installation. If Windows is set for automatic Daylight Savings Time change it will follow the old Daylight Savings Time schedule and therefore should be upgraded. If the upgrade is not performed the automatic Daylight Savings Time update should be disabled and performed manually. Information on software patches and upgrades for Microsoft operating systems are available at Search under “Daylight Savings Time” and you will find links to information on each Windows version. Depending on the age of the TOL system it may have been shipped with either a Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

Omega-Voice VMI: The Omega-Voice VMI system (IX-4VML, VS-VML,
IX-4SEVMC) does not provide an automatic Daylight Savings Time change feature. Therefore, all Omega-Voice VMI systems require the time to be manually changed via the System Editor.

Q: How can I change the main company greeting on our automated attendant?

A: You will need to determine the greeting mailbox used by your firm for day and night modes. The default greeting mailbox for day is 900 and for night 905. Access the greeting mailbox as you would your own and follow the recorded instructor. Remember to save your recordings when you are satisfied with them. If a password is required, contact your system administrator.

Q: My phone does not ring when called from an internal extension. The caller goes straight to my speaker key. How do I change this?

A: Intercom calls can be programmed at your telephone as either voice calls or tone (ringing) calls. If the caller goes straight to your speaker then you have ICM voice calling enabled. You can toggle between these features by pressing FEAT + 65.

Q: My speaker phone only works one way. I can hear the caller but they can’t hear me.

A: Check to make sure that your MIC key is not lit. This key will disable the speaker function. If this does not solve the problem, you may need a program change at your set. Speak with your system administrator.

Q: My message light is flashing but I have no new messages.

A: Try leaving yourself a new message. Once you listen to and discard this message the light should go out. If it does not, your voicemail system is out of sync with the phone system. Contact your system administrator.

Q: An employee is away. How can I access their voicemail messages?

A: If you have the user’s password, you can access their mailbox as you do your own. However, if you do not have the password, the system administrator can either remove the password or have the messages retrieved using the supervisor mailbox.

Q: Will a telephone moved from one location to another retain its original programming?

A: No, the telephone will assume the programming of the new location. In most cases programming for the new location can be done remotely. Contact your system administrator.

Q: I am calling another extension and my display reads invalid, and/or, I am hearing a fast busy/reorder tone.

A: This usually means that the extension you are calling is programmed but not currently connected. Have the user verify that their phone is plugged into the jack outlet.

Q: Why do I hear static when using my telephone?

A: Check your connections including your handset and line cords. After time, these cords could require replacement. If you find no fault with your connections, try to determine if the static appears when using all of your outside lines or perhaps one in particular. The problem might lie ith the provider of your phone lines. Contact your system administrator with your findings.

Q: Can I transfer my calls to my cell phone?

A: Yes, refer to the call forward feature outlined in your user guide or UC redirect.

Q: I press a programmed button but it does something other than what is labeled.

A: If you press FEAT # 9 then push they key in question, the display will show you the programming of that specific button. You may need to update your label, or, have the button programmed for the feature you require

Q: Can I change the ring tone for my telephone?

A: Yes, press FEAT # * then choose 1 through 8 from the offered ring tones.\

Q: Can I transfer a live call to an external number?

A: Yes, if Centrex is enabled. While on the call, press the flash key, dial the external number, wait for called number to ring or answer and hang up to complete the transfer.  Please note that some systems require a combination of FEAT plus numbers to simulate the flash key. Contact your system administrator to attain the appropriate codes.

Q: How do I retrieve my voicemail messages when I am not in the office?

A: You can open your mailbox either from the main greeting or by being transferred to your extension. From the main greeting or personal mailbox, press # or * (depends upon programming) and follow the recorded instructor.