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Optical fiber cabling plays a vital part in structured cabling solutions. For most high -capacity networks, the backbone cabling system comprises multi-mode fibre optic cabling, which has the bandwidth to handle even the most demanding backbone requirements. We also supply a full range of matching connectivity products to connect for most hubs, routers and switches.

Cable Options:

Multimode is used for the moderate and short distance backbone installations, or as "fibre to the desk top", for the Client that requires very high Bandwidth using applications such as CAD/CAM , medical imaging or videoconferencing. Multimode is available in two varieties depending on the specific requirements, 50 and 62.5 Microns.

Singlemode for extended reach beyond two Kilometers in backbone applications or Campus and Metropolitan installations. This type is most often used by Telcos as their network carrier conduit.


Fibre Management Systems

Partnered with Graybar Canada, Corporate Communications provides full turnkey Fibre management systems & Assemblies from  from Corning Cable Systems, Belden, Hubbell, Panduit and Tyco (AMP). From customization to off the shelf components we have you covered.

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