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With Iwatsu Enterprise Suite IP Networking, extending your corporate network across multiple sites is easy. Organizations can have an office down the street and another across the globe that communicate like they're under one roof. Each of the networked locations communicate with 100% feature transparency between locations. This transparency allows all locations share to share the same system features and applications, thereby reducing hardware, software and maintenance costs at individual office locations. So not only does Iwatsu Enterprise IP Networking bridge communication gaps, it's a more hassle-free and cost-friendly solution for you. Presence management is fully transparent as well. For example, an important call rings into the New York office. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite recognizes the call is for a salesman who is currently operating out of the Toronto office. Moreover, he is on the way to an off-site meeting. No problem. The caller selects the Locate This Party feature, and the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite uses the Toronto office’s system to place the call to the salesman’s mobile. The caller is completely unaware of what just occurred.

How it Works
Iwatsu Enterprise Suite IP Networking uses IP addressing to exchange communications between main and remote office locations anywhere worldwide. It simply uses your wide area network (VPN or managed IP network) to efficiently exchange voice between offices in the form of data packets. And because Iwatsu Enterprise Suite IP Networking dynamically allocates available network resources based on user demand, it not only cuts connectivity costs, but also utilizes bandwidth more efficiently and supports more users. Plus, since Iwatsu Enterprise IP Networking connects all your offices in one transparent network, you can also reduce and even eliminate charges for long distance and international calls between IP networked nodes.

What happens if the WAN Goes Down?
If the entire wide area networks fails—for example the connection between LA and New York—the local offices simply operate in local mode. Desk-to-desk intercom calls are unavailable, but local outbound calls are made normally. If a single office location loses connection to the rest of the IP network, the location operates in local mode and the rest of the network locations operate as normal. When the link to the network becomes available, the individual office locations automatically rejoin.


The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite combines Iwatsu Voice Networks’ core technologies into one seamless communications platform.