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Omega-Voice VMI Voicemail

The integrated Omega-Voice VMI voicemail will take your business communications to the next level with flexible, productivity-enhancing voicemail capabilities. With up to eight voice mail ports, 600 mailboxes and 100 hours of message storage, the Omega-Voice VMI provides your company with the voicemail processing power necessary to meet business demands. Along with standard mailbox features, advanced features such as forwarding voicemail’s to multiple destinations and monitoring messages as they are recording optimize voicemail with capabilities normally found in much larger systems. Read More.

Unified Communications improves your business response time by providing universal access to live communications and messaging from anywhere at any time - literally extending the reach of your communications system.

Time is Money, Unified Communications Saves Time -- Unified Communications (UC) helps businesses, small and large, to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Human delays are minimized—or eliminated—resulting in efficient interaction and service-delivery for the customer and cost savings and productivity gains for the business. Unified communications also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between co-workers, clients and suppliers—even if they are not physically on the same siteRead More