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Discontinued, Omegatrek was designed to work with Iwatsu’s ADIX APS and ECS telephone systems. As an in skin product to the IWATSU communications server Omegatrek brought advance feature sets to the wireless handset.

With the discontinuance of Omegatrek, Corporate Communications is pleased to introduce the DECT1 wireless solutions from ICON.

The ICON DECT1 phone relies on a network of on-site base stations to provide seamless voice access for people on the move. Improved accessibility means fewer missed calls, greater customer satisfaction, and increased staff efficiency.

The DECT1 works directly wit the IWATSU ECS communications server via SIP / WIFI connectivity. There are upgrade paths for both the IWATSU ADIX and THE ECS available. from Omegatrek.

Please contact your sales associate for more information.