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Remote LogoIWATSU ADIX & ECS Remote Utilities is a PC-based software application that provides complete remote maintenance and administration capabilities for all ADIX-ADIX-APS & ECS systems. Any programming that you do on site (including voice recordings) can now be done remotely, eliminating the need for a site visit. For example, the PC Programmer allows you to complete the following system changes from a remote site:

  • Change the features programmed on the buttons of individual sets
  • Update the system speed dial list
  • Back up system database
  • Restore system programming from a back up
  • Add, remove or change telephone Extension numbers
  • Change any system options
  • PC Programmer combined with the PSUBM modem or VPN connection provides a cost effective method to administer remote systems, troubleshoot, perform system diagnostics and implement system move, adds and changes.
  • Simplified Programming
    • Programming On-site or Remotely
    • Pre Staging Installation
    • Programming Off-Line
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Faster Response Time
    • Less Downtime
    • Easier Customization
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
    • Operational Savings
    • One Stop Maintenance for local or Campus sites
    • Increased Productivity
    • Faster Programming response
    • No Travel to Site
    • Remote Diagnosis
  • For Online Programming
    • Remote via Dial-Up or IP
    • Onsite via RS-232 (serial) or IP

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