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ICON Releases Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Software Version 12

 SARA Integration, AccuCall Enhancements and QueVue Administrator Highlight the Latest ECS Release!

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Software Version 11 is now available and will ship with all Iwatsu Enterprise-CS system packages. This new release adds the following features to the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS system.

￿AccuCall Web Enhancements including new average time to answer stats, new ICM group reports and more.

￿Caller ID Pass Through on External ECS Transfer sends the caller ID of the original call when the Iwatsu ECS externally transfers or forwards a call over an ISDN PRI or SIP channel.

￿E911 Notification to Email allows customers to use ICON Enterprise Services to receive an email notification when an E911 call is made or attempted on a phone connected to the ECS.

￿PRI DNIS Incoming Trunk Programming for Multi-Tenant Applications allows DNIS numbers and PRI trunks to be assigned to specific tenants allowing several tenants to share a PRI.

￿QueVue Login Priority and Status Display. ECS version 11 adds support for obtaining the priorities for logged in ACD agents. This information can be viewed through QueVue. In addition, within Enterprise Services a new 'Que Status' page has been added which provides a customizable real-time view of ACD Queues.

￿Controlled Release of SARA / Alert System Integration. This feature supports notification alerts from SARA to appear on a key programmed on an Iwatsu ICON 5810, 5910 and 5930 phones. The key has a dual function to receive and send alerts. In addition to SARA this interface is compatible with other 3rd party alerting systems.

￿SIP Server Authentication provides enhanced security by requiring authentication to connect a SIP client to the ECS

￿SIP Trunk Call Blocking allows a SIP incoming call to be blocked by using the class 25 DNIS tables.

￿ECS Database Default Value Changes

or more information on upgrading your IWATSU ECS call Corporate Communications at 1.800.465.0883

ICON Releases Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Software Version 10

ICON Voice Networks, announced the release of version 10 software for the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS (ECS) communications platform. The Iwatsu ECS grows from 4 to 1024 voice ports and can be deployed as a highly-reliable call processing system with options for unified communications, mobility, wireless, video and multiple-site applications. Key enhancements of software version 10 are improved tenanting, increased station mobility via hot desk and improved transparency on system-to-system calls over ECS IP-NET, Iwatsu’s SIP-based IP networking protocol.

The new station profile (hot desk) feature is defined per user, allowing them to log in to any Iwatsu ICON 5810, 5910, or 5930 phone. When logged in, their station profile is applied to that phone reflecting all of their call routing, status indications and programming. With the self-labeling keys on the ICON 5810, 5910, and 5930 phones, feature key labels are updated based on the user’s programmed key pattern. The station profile feature also designates a default extension number for each physical phone that is automatically activated if no station profile user is logged in to ensure that emergency dialing from every phone is always available.

In addition to station profile, a central focus of the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS version 10 software is the IP-NET networking enhancement. IP-NET can be used to network up to 128 Iwatsu ECS systems over a managed IP network. Version 10 improves the call progress indications of calls over the network and simplifies the programming for network routing based on DID and DNIS numbers.

“The enhancements that version 10 provides will benefit just about every business sector including SMBs, multi-site national companies and telecommuters with business productivity tools that will streamline their communications and make them more accessible,” said ICON Voice Networks CEO Kevin Kelleher.

Additional enhancements included in Iwatsu ECS software version 10 are multiple tenanting, which allows up to 32 companies to share access to one system, the ICON DECT1 wireless sets now supports handling of a second call on, and improved ACD call handling based on queue thresholds and agent availability designed to reduce hold times based on traffic.

For more information on upgrading your IWATSU ECS call Corporate Communications at 1.800.465.0883