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    Reduce Enterprise Communications Costs,

    We offer both hosted and on-premise PBX solutions for Unified Communications. With the hosted deployment option we offer a Cloud PBX solution deployed using our custom Virtualization Platform enabling Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), without the need to purchase and maintain additional hardware. Companies that opt for the on-premise PBX solution have complete control over all their servers and data thereby decreasing latency, as well as providing greater flexibility and customization.

    Hosted deployment
    delivers a wide range of IP services and applications with 99.999% availability, stability stability reliability for a maximum up-time.

    All in pricing includes:

    User extension (phone extra)
    Choice of gloCOM business desktop soft phone or gloCOM mobile
    500 minutes pooled long distance*
    Full control of your own platform
    No charge auto-attendant, hunt groups or schedules
    .............and much more

    *Carrier charges for 911, DID, long distance restrictions and network may apply

    Call for a demo today 1-800-465-0883

    On-premise deployment
    Companies that opt for the deployment of this model have complete control over all their servers and data, and, possibly even more important, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your business data resides safely in-house. On top of having internal oversight of data, on-premise models allow you to have dedicated IT staffers for maintenance; support and custom disaster recovery plans.

    Call for for more information today 1-800-465-0883 x197.

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